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438-C00170 Kronos XP 6S 1/8 Monster Truck LWB RTR Brushless o
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438-C00170 Kronos XP 6S 1/8 Monster Truck
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Kronos XP 6S 1/8 Monster Truck LWB RTR Brushless ohne Akku und Ladegerät

Original-Artnr : C-00170
EAN : 8718057179984

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Dominate the field with the Kronos Monster Truck!

If you're looking for the toughest, roughest and baddest machine on the planet, get the Kronos monster truck in your hands! With up to 6S LiPo power and a 2050KV motor, you can experience the unbelievably fast Kronos super monster truck! It's ideal for any place with dirt, mud, jumps and more - anywhere you can get massive air and colossally fast speeds!

With an ultra-durable, all-metal four-wheel drivetrain, fully independent suspension, racing chassis and aerodynamic racing design, this is the ultimate basher truck for anyone looking for massive jumps and frightening speeds!

All-Season Driving in All Conditions!
With a full suite of water-resistant electronics, the Kronos is ready for driving anywhere you want, any time you want! Not only is the electronic speed controller resistant to splashes of water and mud, but the steering servo and receiver are also protected from the elements by special coatings applied at the factory. The receiver is further protected inside an electronics box that keeps dust and mud away from electrical connections. It goes without saying that we have only used rubber-sealed ball bearings. You can take the Kronos anywhere! (Please note: no RC vehicle should be operated submerged in water or mud. Take care when driving in extreme conditions, and proper maintenance such as cleaning and lubricating should take place after driving in mud, water or near salt water.)

Racing Style Chassis for Extreme Performance!
Taking cues from the top professional racing machines in the RC industry, the Kronos uses a flat pan-style chassis for the most efficient chassis layout possible. With a forward weight distribution, the weight of the drivetrain and all the components are kept as close to the front as possible. Substantial braces front and rear provide extra stiffness to allow the aluminum big bore shocks and HiCC8 composite suspension parts to do what they're meant to do. The Team Corally SPL System locks the spring perches and prevent from losing the perches during hardest shock action, while the front and rear mounted Team Corally RSP Sway Bar System keeps the Kronos planted in corners and ensures a consistent handling in all conditions.

Massive 2050KV Brushless Power!
With the Team Corally Kuron 2050KV 4-pole motor mounted on the extremely torsion-resistant 2-piece sliding motor mount, you can be sure to get the maximum speeds out of the Box for supreme, big-air stunts and massive top speeds! The motor is fitted with a hardened steel pinion gear, which spins a hardened steel spur gear attached to the centre gear differential. You want huge speeds? You can get them with the pull of a trigger! Speeds of over 110 km/h (70+ mph) are easy - just fit big enough batteries!

LiPo Power Ready!
The battery holder of the Kronos can fit batteries packs in all the popular sizes, and is adjustable for maximum versatility. The Team Corally Kuron 2050KV motor can use batteries that output between 2S and 6S power, giving you speeds of over 110 km/h (70+ mph)!!

Triple Differential All-Metal Drivetrain
Just like serious competition-level RC vehicles, the Kronos is fitted with silicone fluid-filled & sealed differentials at the front, rear and centre. These act as limited-slip differentials to make sure the full amount of power from the 2050KV Kuron motor gets to the tyres. With easy diff removal as standard, you can even tune the differentials to vary the amount of traction at either end of the truck! Inside the differentials, you'll find a complete set of metal gears, and metal outdrives that connect with the steel centre driveshafts that connect to the front and rear differentials. The front axles are driven by CVD driveshafts, and the rear axles are driven by metal dogbone shafts. The entire drivetrain is supported by solid 8x16x5mm rubber sealed ball bearings for maximum efficiency.

Incredibly Tough Racing Suspension!
Just like the top competition racing buggies and trucks on the market today, the Kronos features extra-strong pivot ball style front suspension featuring steel pivot balls and steering turnbuckles as well as super-durable composite suspension arms. The rear suspension features upright hubs and steel camber link turnbuckles. At all four corners, extra-thick suspension arms made from HiCC8 composite and threaded 16mm big bore oil-filled shock absorbers make sure that the tyres stay in contact with the ground for maximum forward traction - unless you're flying through the air, of course!

Huge All-Terrain Tyres!
Colossal rubber tyres with tall sidewalls are glued onto super-rugged multi-spoke wheels and mounted onto 17mm hex hubs - the same kind of hardware used for top-spec racing machines! The big lugs and treads on the tyres are perfect for traction on all kinds of terrain: grass, gravel, mud and more are all no problem at all for the Kronos!

Varioprop S2R Steering Wheel Controller
The Kronos is fully controlled by the ergonomically designed pistol-grip style radio transmitter, which features the latest 2.4GHz technology for interference-free control of your Kronos from up to 300m away! The realistic steering wheel design makes driving intuitive and just like driving a real truck! The pistol grip trigger provides perfect control of the throttle, with forward and reverse controls combined in a single control. Learning how to control the Kronos is quick and easy with the S2R controller!

The Kronos is a take-no-prisoners, no-holds barred all-terrain muscle machine! If you're looking for an all-out assault truck for any jumps and any type of terrain that you can find, this is it!

Kronos Features:

• Pre-built racing style monster truck with electronics, bodyshell and tyres installed
• Team Corally TOROX 185 ESC 3-6S with LiPo protection (programmable)
• Team Corally Kuron 2050kV 4-pole brushless motor 2-6S
• Varioprop® CR-7220-MG High Torque Digital Servo, Metal Gear, 20 Kg Torque
• Aluminium servo arm
• Ergonomic Varioprop® S2R transmitter, with interference-free 2.4GHz technology
• Separate splash-proof and dustproof electronic box with transponder mount
• Adjustable battery holder for all common LiPo batteries
• Full set of ball bearings, rubber sealed
• All transmission ball bearings are 8x16x5mm
• Hardened steel spur gear and motor pinion
• Three silicone fluid-filled & sealed metal differentials with quick access design
• Quick & Easy diff access
• 2-piece aluminium motor holder with composite gear cover
• Complete metal drive train
• Steel front CVD joints
• Aluminium 17 mm drive hexes
• Oil-filled threaded 16 mm aluminium Big Bore shocks
• Shock spring perches locking system
• Milled aluminium shock towers, 5mm rear / 4mm front
• Independent Pivot Ball front suspension
• Independent double wishbone rear suspension
• Reinforced truck front steering blocks and rear hubs
• Aluminium suspension mounts with composite cover
• Full set of machined steel turnbuckles with 7mm hexes
• Individually adjustable chassis and steering geometry
• Team Corally RSP anti-roll bar system, front + rear
• Aluminium chassis plate
• Bashproof double chassis brace system
• Front bumper with chassis protection
• Centre Roll cage mount
• Reinforced High Downforce Wing & Wing Holder
• Pre-glued all-terrain chunky block pattern tyres on black 7-spoke nylon rims
• Sturdy, elaborately printed polycarbonate body
• Huge selection of custom tuning products available
• 110+ km/h (70+ mp/h) possible
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